Vancouver Island North

This project for Vancouver Island North Tourism (VINT) is probably one of the most important video and digital campaigns CrackerJackFlash has ever worked on. CJ*F was tasked with devising impactful messaging that steered the local audience towards saving local tourism from the ongoing devastation that COVID-19 has cursed the industry with around the world. But instead of going the expected “it’s time to support local” messaging that has usually leaned towards supporting businesses out of pity, CJ*F zagged with a promise and a benefit that the audience could really get excited about. We demonstrated that anyone on the island could save the industry simply by indulging in once-in-a-lifetime experiences on the best part of Vancouver Island. With a link to a landing page on VINT’s site incorporated into the static messaging, the audience helped keep local businesses afloat by buying gift certificates for their preferred jaw-dropping experiences which could be used later once provincial restrictions had lifted.