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Think Local First Jingle

When the managing director of Think Local First asked me if I could recommend someone to knock out a jingle with very little time and budget, I didn’t hesitate to put her in touch with my father-in-law, Rick Van Krugel. Not just because Rick’s my father-in-law, but because of the extreme talent that I know […]

By jadamson

March 3, 2021

It's Time to Break Free from Plastic

Because of our ongoing negligence, our planet’s health is really suffering, and has been for decades. Not understanding the impact that we truly have on our environment and its fragile ecosystem has literally turned our world upside down. From rising temperatures causing recurring natural disasters, to huge masses of plastic the size of Texas swirling […]

By jadamson

February 11, 2021

Pithy Musings Branding Video

Pump up the volume and check out this promo video CrackerJackFlash created for Pithy Musings. A video podcast starring Eva Van Krugel and Caroline Burgland…a couple of funky humans on a mission to dig into curious and contrarian musings on real, raw, relevant subject matter impacting being human in life, at work, in the world. […]

By jadamson

January 17, 2021