I had the opportunity to dance with a couple of world-class dancers at this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival, and this little video I shot and edited was my POV.

Also during the filming of this video my mother-in-law, (Victoria’s former Poet Laureate) was sitting in the audience and wrote this poem based on her POV of this very magical day:

Su Espejo

Their feet slide on the floor,
ochos figure eights to infinity,
who knows, especially not the
photographer, su espejo, dancing
inside the abrazo, maybe anything
following everything we know
about being human, no one
actually leading, and that is
the biggest question of all.

Three species, man, woman,
mirror, the sky, the floor, the
open window for those who
risk flying and maybe touching
the sun in four four time.

It takes two to tango, maybe
three, the invisible witness
making it real, black and white,
colour, bar after bar, frame
after frame capturing the light.

We are left with a photograph,
a film, a gancho, his mortal leg
hooked around hers, the vine
persisting; the fruit only this
moment, perfect, a few bars of
music, a man and woman in
love, shadows on the wall.

By Linda Rogers
Learn more about the dancers at PointeTango.com, or follow them @pointetango