Home Grown

Realtors are a dime a dozen. Or are they?

CrackerJackFlash was recently tasked with helping a couple of hard-working, good-natured realtors stand out from a sea of competitors. Digging deep into a strategic direction, we agreed to focus the video’s messaging around the tagline of “Home Grown”, which would help establish the wealth of knowledge that comes with being native to Vancouver Island.

With a strong differentiating promise in hand, CJ*F rolled up its sleeves to develop a down-to-earth script that spoke to the team’s core values and deeper insights around neighborhoods and potential homes that would help match their clients’ current, and future realty needs. A strong message paired with three days worth of video footage shot around beautiful Victoria helped round out the message at a relaxed pace and is sure to give prospective home buyers/sellers a good feel for the team and the values that they bring to the table.

Impressed with the messaging? Well, perhaps this might be a good time to check out Larson & Lambe’s brand new website, larsonlambe.com, and connect with them there!