Pithy Musings Branding Video

Pump up the volume and check out this promo video CrackerJackFlash created for Pithy Musings. A video podcast starring Eva Van Krugel and Caroline Burgland…a couple of funky humans on a mission to dig into curious and contrarian musings on real, raw, relevant subject matter impacting being human in life, at work, in the world.

For this project, CJ*F created a logo identity that complimented the two hosts and their vibrant personalities. Both love the disco/funk era, and both love bright, vibrant colours, not to mention retro design.

Instead of simply sticking a static logo at the end of the video, I chose to roll up my sleeves and dive into animation like never before. Additionally, the concept of the two ladies dancing was devised to meet the realities of what can be produced during Covid lockdowns at this time, as well as accommodate the geographies of the pair…Victoria BC, and Calgary AB. In the end, all the fussing that went into this project may have taken many more hours to complete than anticipated, but upon hearing how happy the two hosts were once they saw the final cut on their Pithy Musings channel, (a channel that CJ*F also branded), a sense of pride around a job well done made that additional effort extremely worthwhile.

Then after editing the first Pithy Musing episode, I decided to check out the goods myself. Without bias, I have to say I thought these two ‘humans’ did a fantastic job at keeping my attention for the duration of the podcast. Authentic, real, Fun. Their first topic? “Everyone has a story”, and how we can understand the underlying stories within ourselves and those around us. Acknowledging that we all have a story creates context and understanding around our stories and inspires connection versus separation. An insight that helps us handle everyday moments that can happen with ourselves, and within our communities.

So without further ado, I invite you to check out Pithy Musing’s Episode 1, “Everyone Has a Story”.

If you wish to learn more about the hosts, check out Eva at Fervor, and Caroline as Talk Talk.