Joining the Board of Think Local First

More than ever, supporting local businesses is a top priority to help keep doors open during this relentless pandemic. That’s why I decided that this would be the year for me to roll up my sleeves and join the Board of Directors for Think Local First, here in #YYJ.

Fortunately, the Managing Director Michèle Hamilton and previous board members of Think Local First (TLF) have laid down some pretty solid foundations to support our TLF members. From a mobile app that points the local audience to where they can find and support local businesses (and collect redeemable points along the way) to joining forces with Support Local BC where folks can purchase gift certificates today to be used at a safer date (a program that has raised over $1M to date!), A LOT of important leg work has already been achieved.

Moving forward, what I plan to bring to the table is some seasoned marketing support to better support the TLF community. Sure, I’ve already proactively donated a bunch of time to deliver a number of marketing initiatives, but joining the board means I will no longer have to operate from a silo and will have the opportunity to collaborate with other smart minds to try and raise the bar even higher.

Why have I had so much enthusiasm around supporting TLF? Well, let’s just say I’m not the biggest fan of networking events, to begin with. Prior to giving TLF a go, I tried a few other networking venues, but they never felt genuine to me. On the other hand, from my very first TLF networking event, (where I shot this short clip on my phone, in between conversations and handshakes) I felt the exact opposite. Instead, I instantly felt a connection with folks who were warm, friendly, approachable and who put relationships ahead of business agendas. And wouldn’t you know, not long after joining TLF as a member, the business referrals started to pour in.

Needless to say, I’m really looking forward to my first Zoom meeting later this month….I just can’t wait to return the love and support that has helped my business grow here in beautiful Victoria, BC.

Wherever you live, there’s never been a better time to support local!