It’s Time to Break Free from Plastic

Person handcuff by plasctic

guerilla stunt for Greenpeace

Because of our ongoing negligence, our planet’s health is really suffering, and has been for decades. Not understanding the impact that we truly have on our environment and its fragile ecosystem has literally turned our world upside down. From rising temperatures causing recurring natural disasters, to huge masses of plastic the size of Texas swirling around in the middle of the Pacific ocean, we are quickly choking the place we call home.

That’s why CrackerJackFlash decided to tackle one of the world’s deadliest habits…Its addiction to plastic. With 8 million pieces of plastic making its way into our oceans each day, it’s not surprising to learn that if that trend continues, plastic in our oceans will actually outweigh fish by 2050.

Those are some devastating stats that need to be curbed immediately, world-wide. With that in mind, CJ*F  devised a graphic image that would be both impactful and universal enough to stop the audience dead in their tracks. The answer, a pair of hands restained by plastic (a six-pack holder) as if they were in a pair of handcuffs. An image that was relatively easy enough to capture in-camera (photographed by CJ*F’s Director of Visual Story, Jack Adamson), then employing a simple visual device usually seen on old-school coupons and using the dotted line and a pair of scissors to cut right through the plastic/handcuffs and straight through to deliver the Greenpeace logo and URL beneath.

But why stop there? CJ*F expanded this concept by creating a guerilla stunt that could play off the handcuff image and hopefully be equally as powerful. The idea was to get Greenpeace volunteers “handcuffed” to poles around the world on Earth Day, with hands bound by plastic in public areas to attract the attention of those passing by. With messaging printed on the volunteers’ T-shirts that read, “Ask me how you can help free our oceans from plastic waste”, and a URL, the audience had the option to speak directly to volunteers, or to simply go online to learn more. Best of all, it’s a stunt that could be executed for next to nothing and possibly earn millions of dollars worth of earned media impressions to help perpetuate this important message even further.

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