Coming to an IMAX near you!

That’s right. If you live in Victoria BC, you’ll have one very special day to catch CrackerJackFlash’s, “Shoes of Tomorrow” on the big screen! IMAX Victoria will be screening the short film which will proceed all feature-length films on World Ocean Day, falling on June 8th this year.

Thanks to the generous support of IMAX’s internal team, CJ*F now gets to properly thank nearly 50 volunteers for their role and support of this important film on climate crisis awareness. Gratitude not only to the 5 brave faces you see standing in front of camera, but also to their parents and many others who came together behind camera to bring the concept below to life.

FACTOID #1: Prior to this screening, the film made its way to last year’s UN climate conference, COP27, but Egpyt was a little too far to experience the film with our own eyes.

FACTOID #2: The soundtrack for this film was written and performed by the talented 14-year-old, Aya Laforme, the daughter of one of our best friends here on the island.

FACTOID #3: No one said “no” to participating in this film!

If you happen to live in Victoria, and you would also like to catch the film, I invite you to join me for the 6 PM show on June 8, which will feature 3D Wings Over Water. Tickets for that show can be purchased here. Alternatively, you can purchase a ticket for any feature film of your choice that day.

We hope to see you there!