World Refill Day


As of 2021, over 5 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic, weighing up to 269,000 tonnes, are swimming around in our oceans. Every day around 8 million pieces of plastic is added to those devastating numbers, (more jaw-dropping stats here).

That’s why CrackerJackFlash collaborated with the good folks at Greenpeace International to create an image and content around World Refill Day. We did our very best to deliver something that would be quick, hard-hitting, not to mention translate well into any language around the globe.

The concept: Send the world a message. The refillable water bottle trapped within the plastic bottle is the twist behind the message. An SOS message if you will, with a pop of green to symbolize and honour Greenpeace’s efforts over the years.

The end message: “Send companies like Coke, Pepsi and Nestle a clear message by using refillable containers on #WorldRefillDay, and beyond. It’s time we band together and call on all brands, businesses and governments to reduce plastic pollution and invest in reusable solutions for a more sustainable tomorrow.”

The execution: By removing all colour in the photo, besides the green refillable bottle, this concept was captured entirely in-camera. How? CJF got a little crafty by slicing into an old plastic bottle, then carefully slipping the refillable bottle within the plastic bottle, then rotating the crack into the sand before taking a few snaps. And voila…we have our bottle within a bottle!

The goal: On World Refill Day, and beyond, we want to increase public awareness and usage around reusable containers to prevent plastic pollution and help people live with less waste.  Together, we can become everyday activists and help to make single-use plastic a thing of the past.

If you’d like more ideas on how you can make a difference in the fight against plastic, check out this link today! 

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