The story behind Wise Body Counselling

With so many therapists in the market here in British Columbia, and across the globe, it can be very challenging to stand out from the crowd. That’s why CrackerJackFlash worked very closely with therapist Angela Cara to develop the strategic direction for Wise Body Counselling’s (WBC) first-ever corporate video. Once the strategic brief was approved, Angela was able to hone her script to something that would appeal to her niche demographic. The brief also helped CJ*F develop WBC’s tagline,  “Let’s dig deeper, together.” which feels more like a promise than a marketing tagline.

In terms of execution, because Angela is such a highly trained, yet free spirit, we decided to do a two-part shoot, one part filmed in her cozy office, the other at Francis King Regional Park, (one of CJ*F‘s favourite hiking trails in BC). With plenty of boardwalks and natural trails to choose from, we found an array of settings that complimented Angela’s free-flowing style and personality. Whether it was crossing a bridge with her wispy top, standing waist-high in some mature ferns, or leaning up against a 200 ft tree, Angela was definitely in her element.

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