Support Local Tourism Campaign

CrackerJackFlash has supported quite a few creative “think local” initiatives since the pandemic hit earlier in 2020. But this recent campaign created for Vancouver Island North Tourism has to have been the most meaningful campaign CJ*F has worked on in some time.

It’s not every day you have an opportunity to literally save an entire industry from imploding. This is why CJ*F went far beyond the original ask of developing a “one-off” (one ad) message and decided to invest a lot of sweat equity to surprise the client with something far greater…a full-on strategically focused campaign platform that could adapt and speak to all the activities that could be found on the island through thought-provoking headlines and imagery.

The concept was built around a very simple but powerful promise: Help the industry survive these very challenging times simply by going out and enjoying a trip of a lifetime! Even with travel restrictions in place, the audience has the opportunity to buy gift certificates now which can be enjoyed later once restrictions are lifted again.

For the execution, it might be difficult to imagine the interactive aspect of these Instagram ads due to the limitations of this blog post, but if you can imagine, these static layouts were carefully designed to be “teasers”, where the audience has to swipe left to discover the rest of the seamless image and messaging found on the right side of the layout.

And wouldn’t you know, this campaign also translated very well into a few videos, with the video showcased in this post being the all-encompassing brand video.

That being said, if you’re lucky enough to live on this beautiful island, the time to support local tourism is now so our favourite businesses have a better chance at keeping their doors open for yet another incredible season of memories.

So what are you waiting for? Book now, play later!