Still BC’s Socially Safest Tour

As British Columbia’s provincial public health orders continue to change during this challenging time for all businesses, Prince of Whales decided this would be a good time to reassure its audience that it still is, “BC’s socially safest” way to enjoy and learn about our breathtaking whales and marine wildlife.

Being BC’s socially safest is a very strong promise that helped our client get back in the waters and survive their last season, so we decided to stick with that direction and switch out other key claims that are no longer in place. Such as switching from a “50 person maximum capacity per sailing” (and all the fun scenarios that came with that claim) to a more of a general “reduced capacity” message. And with Prince of Whales owning three of the largest tour ships in the province, we decided we could still make the promise because they still offer the most personal space to move around safer than any other local tour company.

With that, we managed to come up with a few new lines and scenarios that could carry that promise visually in a fun and entertaining manner while the voiceover spoke to each claim in more of a serious tone. And thank goodness for having such amazing talent to work with in terms of the main “Captian Dave” role. Luckily, David (the wannabe captain’s real name) was a great sport and had the inherent ability to play along with a few of my more challenging comedic requests, especially around the handling of the blow-up whale.

In the end, this video project is another glowing example of how a brand can relay such serious and important messaging in a less expected way. In this case, in a fun and cheeky tone of voice in a time where the audience needs that playful humour most. And the best thing about having a client that’s brave enough to zig when others are zagging is that their message will stand out that much more. And that’s always good for business!

So here’s to Prince of Whales and their continued courage to put their full trust in their agency’s hands…Thank you and best of luck this season!!!