Think Local First

With the pandemic still ravaging around the world, coupled with a recent natural disaster caused by an “atmospheric river event” that flooded thousands of homes, washed away roads, railways and created distribution shortages here in British Columbia as a result, the message of supporting local has never been so urgent, and relevant.

That’s why CJ*F was more than delighted to roll up its sleeves and create a campaign of videos that spoke to Think Local First‘s (TLF) new slogan, “Love Local. Buy Local.” One of the best parts of shooting these videos was meeting and getting to know many of the TLF business members and their hardworking employees a little better. Hearing insider stories and seeing the pride that goes into each of these businesses was the cherry on the top.

In all, four videos were produced featuring Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & Guest Houses, Prince of Whales – Whale Watching Adventures, Country Grocer, and one for TLF themselves, as seen in the videos above. Shared over socials, paid and earned as well as being featured on the TLF website, we’re hoping this messaging along with the other TLF created initiatives such as Support Local BC that have sold over $1.3 million in gift certificates to date, will inspire our audience unlike ever before.