Prince of Whales

With ever-changing provincial public health orders, Prince of Whales needed to update last year’s Covid-19 safety video to meet those new demands.

Despite a few changes that we needed to address around the ship’s capacity, we decided to keep the promise around the tour company being “BC’s Socially Safest” way to explore marine wildlife because it was such a strong promise to attract the audience during this challenging time. We also decided to keep the tone fun and light-hearted because we knew it would stand out once again in a clutter of serious, straightforward health and safety messaging.

From strategy to concept, directing, shooting and editing the commercial spot, CJ*F managed to pull this video off within a week of being briefed, and just in time for this next season…and, in time for this glowing review from POW’s acting Marketing Director, Ian MacPhee:

“Big thanks to Jack for helping us find our way through COVID by scripting, shooting and producing our “fun but factual” COVID safety protocol video. This video got the message across and directly influenced consumers to choose our company because we offer the safest option in our industry. Great ROI and a tonne of fun for our team to participate in!”