When my wife Eva decided to change her career, I was blown away by her courage to leave a solid position as a well respected, transformational executive leader to pursue a career that helped others find their Fervor. And in just over a year, I have already seen Eva build an impressive client roster that transcends borders, not to mention collecting dozens of testimonials that shout from the rooftops that Eva’s move was the best one she could make for herself and her new found clients.

So what does a proud husband do for his super-awesome spouse? Well, if you’re a marketing designer, photographer and videographer, you: 1. Come up with the company name. 2. Design the wordmark, business cards, stationary…etc. 3. Design the UX and layout for the site. 4. Photograph assets for the site. 5. And last but not least, produce a sweet little promotional video that captures the essence of the brand, and its offerings.

But if you don’t happen to have a doting spouse with a jack-of-all trades certificate in your corner to support all your marketing needs, well, you can always hire CrackerJackFlash to help your brand find its unique voice and story. With that, let’s start a conversation today!

Content writer: Patrick Doyle

Web Developer: Russ Campbell

Design, Photography, Video: CJ*F