Bill Mudge House

I recently had the privilege of capturing a heartfelt story for Bill Mudge House, a halfway house here in Victoria, BC.

One of the men captured in this video was just released from prison 14 days prior to the shoot, but he already had so many positive experiences around the help he’d received to date.

I really can’t imagine how scary and difficult such a transition must be. Beyond the social stigma, these fellas also need to be strong enough to dig deep and tackle the root cause of what took them down in the first place, such as addiction and/or mental illness…etc.

That’s why Bill Mudge House has been around since 1988 and has provided men in transition with a lot more than a welcoming place to stay and eat. They also have a dedicated team of professionals that help these brave men tackle their issues so they can finally get back on their feet and become productive members of society.

This, in turn, creates a safer community for all.

If this story managed to touch your heart, please consider donating to a very worthy cause at