Pride Victoria ’22

I take great pride in this colourful city, and even more so during Victoria’s Pride Week. It’s always such a treat to see all the smiles and love that the Pride Parade evokes from those standing and cheering on the roadside. The parade’s participants and the audience came in all shapes, sizes, nationalities and ages, embracing the love and acceptance that the LQBTQ2S community has deserved since we humans set foot on this planet. It’s a bit of a head-scratcher that it even took so long, but we had to start somewhere I guess, and we have to thank the folks who first marched in pride back in 1970 when showing pride took far greater courage with reputations and even lives at stake. Thanks to their bravery, we’re all seeing our newer generations not even batting an eye when it comes to expressing their sexual preference in any way they see fit. And that’s definitely something we can all take pride in!