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Prince of Whales

Here's another glowing example of how a brand chose to zig when others zagged. With such important messaging around the…

By jadamson

June 30, 2020

Home Grown

Realtors are a dime a dozen. Or are they? CrackerJackFlash was recently tasked with helping a couple of hard-working, go…

By jadamson

August 7, 2020


I had the opportunity to dance with a couple of world-class dancers at this year’s Victoria Fringe Festival, and this …

By jadamson

September 11, 2019

Bill Mudge House

I recently had the privilege of capturing a heartfelt story for Bill Mudge House, a halfway house here in Victoria, BC. …

By jadamson

February 24, 2020

Royal Oak - Beautiful

Royal Oak Burial Park really lives up to its tagline, "A beautiful  place to remember." That's why CJ*F pulled out a…

By jadamson

December 1, 2019

Victoria Film Commission

CrackerJackFlash was asked to photograph a still to be used for a transit ad that asked the audience to "Get in the pic…

By jadamson

July 22, 2019

Tonne of Love

Tonne of Love is a beautiful initiative created by Victoria's Odd Fellows that raises a tonne of money each year to pur…

By jadamson

January 4, 2020

Hang 10

With an average sea temperature of 9 degrees celsius, you really have to live and breathe your sport to want to dive int…

By jadamson

November 12, 2020

Highland Games

CrackerJackFlash had the honor of photographing and creating a video story for this year's Highland Games in Victoria B…

By jadamson

May 23, 2019

Live with Fervor

Here's a quick, but memorable promo video CrackerJackFlash created for a local executive coach, and her new site launch…

By jadamson

April 15, 2019

Victoria International Airport

Here's a story CrackerJackFlash had the opportunity to create, start to finish, for Victoria International Airport‘s …

By jadamson

February 4, 2019

Rifflandia 2018

With another Rifflandia Festival under the belt, CrackerJackFlash is now officially offering full video storytelling ser…

By jadamson

September 18, 2018

Academy Dental

With a very modest budget, I was able to take everything I learned from my agency days (creative brief development, conc…

By jadamson

July 6, 2018

Oaklands Dental

Who says dental videos need to be stale and off-putting? Not this guy, or his client. That's why Oaklands Dental chose …

By jadamson

February 24, 2020

The World According to LICK

This is a short teaser for "The World According to LICK". A documentary I'm shooting that revolves around Linda and R…

By jadamson

August 27, 2019

Think Local YYJ

Since our move to the island three years ago, I've attended A TONNE of networking mixers to help build my business here…

By jadamson

September 26, 2019