Parkway Physiotherapy

CrackerJackFlash had the opportunity the other month to write, shoot and edit a brand story for Parkway Physiotherapy. A story that both speaks to Parkway’s core values as a clinic, as well as their unique offering around concussion prevention.

Parkway is currently the only clinic in BC to offer our patients the ground-breaking by RAM4 Concussion Prevention program…the only technology in the world that is clinically validated to measure and mitigate the risk of concussion.

The RAM4 program focuses on changing the athlete, top to bottom, to help prevent future concussions. The test itself, looks jarring, but having done it myself, I can attest that it’s quick and very comfortable. From prep to assessment, the test only takes about 10 minutes to complete, and it can provide both athletes and coaches with an array of invaluable data. Information that can be collected and analyzed to continuously improve an athlete’s concussion resistance. Beyond the test, the 12 to 16-week program is carefully crafted to improve reflexes, strength and conditioning of the neck, which in turn boosts the patient’s overall athletic confidence and performance.

All pretty amazing stuff, and a long time coming from the days when I once played some serious rugby for a number of years, where I too suffered some hard, concussion-inducing hits from the opposing team.

TRUE STORY. My high school’s rugby team made and came relatively close to winning OFSAA in the late 80’s, when the below picture was taken in Ottawa…that’s me in the middle with the tapped ears. This photo was taken by Laurier’s high school photographer, Joel Rushworth, whom I did not meet until a couple of years ago in Victoria BC. When posting this photo on his feed on Facebook, he too didn’t realize it was me until I saw it for the very first time after 30 years. Small world!

rugby players after ball