Love Local video campaign

In honour of Small Business month, CrackerJackFlash recently had the honour of capturing a large number of Think Local First, (TLF) members and their businesses around Greater Victoria to give the audience even more reason to “Love Local”.

The best part of this job for me was driving around and meeting many of the faces I’ve seen in previous TLF networking events. Along the way, I also got to have many micro-moments with the staff of each business to get to know the businesses and their clientele that much more.

First up were the good folks at Prince of Whales. Having done a few commercial video shoots for them before, I knew exactly how to capture the essence of their story. When Covid first hit, they put their faith in me to produce this Covid safety video which was aimed at keeping them afloat during a very time for us all. About a year and a half later, I’m happy to report that business is going well, and they’ve even recently extended their catamaran sails into the month of November.

Second up was Spinnakers Brewpub and Guesthouses. Another favourite business of mine; one for the beer, one for the food, one for the scenic location, and lastly, because they once employed my wife as a server, which helped to pay her way through school many moons ago. (OK, not that many moons ago, just in case my wife reads this post one day, lol).

Third up was another past client of mine, Country Grocer, but instead of capturing staff portraits across the island, I got to show them the stories I can tell through video. Again, very sweet people, many of them “lifers” because they genuinely enjoy what they do and the customers they serve.

In all, four videos were produced in this year’s Love Local campaign, the last of which was an over-arching video to represent the greater majority of TLF members here in Victoria BC. And as a board member of Think Local First, I have very high hopes that this campaign will not only give our audience even more reasons to shop and support the local businesses they love, but also grow membership for our local business community. Because as our TLF tagline reads, “We’re better together”!