CJ*F film screened at COP27, Egypt!

CrackerJackFlash is so very honoured to announce that its recent climate crisis film, Shoes of Tomorrow, was selected to be shown at the United Nations COP27, Egypt!

Selected from thousands of international climate-themed short films, Shoes of Tomorrow made the top 5 at the Agora Awards (ok, the film took 2nd place, but who’s counting) earning the privilege to be screened before some of the world’s most powerful decision-makers on the planet when it comes to the climate crisis. In fact, over 35,000 attendees passed through the conference doors in Sharm El Sheikh. From politicians, diplomats, and representatives of national governments, the majority of the conference’s attendees met to inspire much-needed action to help save our planet from surpassing the 1.5°C mark by the end of the century.

screengrab of award

Beyond everything CJ*F put into this film, 2022 was an exciting year that saw a surge in efforts around the world to help our planet out in the critical decades to come. From continuing advances in carbon capture, to last month’s amazing ‘major breakthrough’ in nuclear fusion, the world is seeing more promising advances toward net zero.

What’s next for Shoes of Tomorrow? Well, later this year, it will be screened at another UN climate conference in New York City, and CJ*F is working hard for the film to be shown at IMAX here in Victoria BC, on or around Earth Day!