CJ*F Art for Ukraine

Hummingbird on red backdrop

CrackerJackFlash will be selling photographic prints over the next several days to help a family escape the nightmare they’re currently facing in Ukraine. 100% of profits raised will go directly to the family via the Wise transfer app.

Prints can be purchased here. Alternatively, direct email donations to [email protected] would also be gratefully facilitated.

Ukraine Government Building hit by Russians

Car bombed in the streets of Ukraine Russian Shell in in pavement

Here is what our dear friend’s father, Vasyl and his family are up against:

Vasyl is a retired Ukrainian boat captain who was hoping to enjoy his retirement peacefully in Mykolaiv. Mykolaiv is a strategic port city in southeast Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army and residents have done a remarkable job of keeping the city from the Russian invaders. It is one of the new epicentres of the brutal war as the Russians retreat from Kiyv and focus on southern and eastern Ukraine. Mykolaiv is under intense shelling day and night and is the scene of intense fighting.

The residents are remarkably resilient and proud, but the level of danger is rapidly making staying untenable. A missile strike last week on the governor’s office killed 12 people, wounded 33 others, and destroyed the large regional government building just 200m from Vasyl’s home. A shell exploded a few days ago right in front of their home, destroying a vehicle. The assault is likely to increase as Russia focuses on capturing or destroying this city.

Funds raised from the sale of these prints would assist Vasyl, his wife and his mother in seeking temporary safety in Western Ukraine or Bulgaria. Our goal is to raise enough to rent a home for three to five people for a couple of months in a safer area, and your kind generosity would mean the world to them.

Ukrainian in bomb shelter

Thank you for reading, and donating if you so choose.

Ukrainian flag credit: Adam Śmigielski on Unsplash