Shop Local Campaign

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YYZ = Toronto airport code

YYJ = Victoria's airport code

YYC = Calgary's airport code

It doesn’t matter if you live in #YYZ, #YYJ, or any other city in Canada. The need to support local businesses and services has never been greater.

That’s why CrackerJackFlash rolled up its sleeves during the 2nd wave of the global pandemic to design a simple and memorable graphic campaign that could be easily shared over a multitude of social channels, including my local networking chapter, Think Local First.

It’s a campaign that sneaks in the codes of local city airport codes in Canada that helps to instantly connect the audience to each customized message, with the goal of encouraging the audience to discover purchasing alternatives to what they have already grown accustomed to, such as Amazon, or other big-box stores.

Because if we can disrupt old habits, that’s when we’ll see how simple and how important it is to support local, and hopefully help keep our favourite businesses open past this very tricky time.

Many local support initiatives have sprung up in the last year, so I encourage you to find one in your area. And if you live in BC, here’s a wonderful tool to find anything and everything you’ll ever need, right in your backyard!

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