BC’s Socially Safest Tour Company

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As businesses across BC begin to open back up, they’re realizing they need to speak to all the precautions they’ve taken to make their audiences feel safe.

And that’s exactly what Prince of Whales, Whale and Marine Wildlife Adventures was looking for. After devising a strategy to position Prince of Whales as “BC’s Socially Safest” way to explore marine wildlife, CJ*F also developed an informative, yet fun way of sharing that important message to help amplify their very strong “unique selling proposition”.

From strategy, to concept, directing, shooting and editing the commercial spot, CJ*F managed to pull it all off in record time so the messaging could be used to inform its audience in time for Canada Day, the date when its boats are allowed to set sail again. And with discounted rates for locals, there’s really hasn’t been a better time to support local, and have a whale of a time! Enjoy the spot, but better yet, enjoy those awesome whales and marine life!