Fervor Turns One!

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A year ago today, my wife left the security of her day job to turn her side gig into a full time one. Three hundred and sixty-five days later, she continues to live up to her company name while helping others Live With Fervor.

Fervor helps leaders, teams and entrepreneurs with high ambitions and aspirations step bravely in new directions – paths founded on purpose, meaning and impact.

Whether your company’s journey is a steady evolution or a dramatic change, leaders will move forward with clarity and confidence to claim their unique vision for the future.

Through a trusting, thought-provoking and candid approach, Fervor helps leaders propel forward by:

  • Turning a lens of discovery on one’s self and the world around them, uncovering their true, authentic nature
  • Challenging their current beliefs and behaviors that may be getting in their way
  • Empowering new creative ideas, possibilities and solutions
  • Enabling them to devise clear actions and commitments to follow
  • Sharing direct feedback, deep care, and insight along the way

Want to Live With Fervor too? <- well there’s the link again 😉

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