A video with a Tonne of Love

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Tonne of Love is a beautiful initiative created by Victoria’s Odd Fellows that raises a tonne of money each year to purchase fresh food for those in need.

It all started by Josh Miller of Mo:Lé Restaurant 10 years ago with a collection of 2,000 lbs of fresh food for the Mustard Seed, which has now grown to over 15,000 lbs in the last year. Its success has grown further with the support of local businesses, including Country Grocer, who match the first $3,000 raised each year, in addition to providing all the produce at cost, who even help transport the produce to the local Mustard Seed.

It’s an initiative that is very close to CrackJackFlash’s heart, so on top of volunteering on the day of food distribution, CJ*F donated its time to create the Tonne of Love’s branding, marketing materials and a simple landing page for the cause, which included shooting video clips over the course of the year to capture some of the love that goes into the backend of this very special food drive each year.

Please take a peek of this video and consider donating to the Tonne of Love’s 2020 food drive campaign.

Food Drive

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