75th Birthday Surprise

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I think my mother-in-law is awesome. Not only is Linda Rogers an accomplished writer and Victoria’s former poet laureate, she also has a heart of gold and has made me feel like I’m a big part of her fun and eclectic family. And it doesn’t take long to learn that Linda has a knack for making anyone and everyone feel special, so that’s why we decided to make her feel the same by throwing her a surprise birthday party for her 75th this past Thanksgiving long weekend. And surprised she was when my mother-in-law walked in to see all her kids and grandkids jumping out from the back of CJ*F’s studio. Shortly after shooting a quick family portrait to commemorate her birthday, the family quickly dove into some yummy food, drink, and laughter, as seen in the quick little video I captured throughout the evening. Best of all, I got to use a soundtrack that Linda and her husband Rick composed and performed 25 years ago (originally created for one of their granddaughter’s birthdays) as the track for her very own birthday video. That said, Happy Birthday Linda…”You’re a Big Girl Now”!

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