Tomorrow’s Voices Heard Today

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Last week’s climate strike was nationwide, and here in Victoria BC, close to 10,000 people, mostly students gathered around the Legislative Buildings to have their voices finally heard. The energy was intense, people were angry, students rolled up their sleeves and marched out of their schools with their clever protest signs in hand to let the world know that enough was enough! I was genuinely moved by the crowd’s energy while capturing a few snippets of the afternoon’s historic event and truly believe that the world has finally reached its tipping point. And hopefully, our Governments and multi-national companies responsible for polluting the world for their own gain got the message too. There is no more time to keep moving ahead as we have. Change needs to happen. Now!

To learn more about how you can help with climate change, Greenpeace has a lot of useful information here that will help point the way towards affirmative action. Thank you for doing what you can!

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