Bringing Stories to Life

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As a creative marketer, I’ve been promoting businesses and services for over 20 years. Whether it’s been through TV, radio, print, outdoor, or digital tactics, I’ve managed to dig deep and deliver concepts that strategically align with the business problem, balanced with creative solutions that are eye-catching, simple, unique, memorable and authentic.

So what do you do when it comes time to promote your own business? Well, you do your very best to deliver what you promise to your clients.

That being said, here’s a short 30-second self-promo clip that I managed to shoot in one locked-off shot. A daisy fluttering around in the wind, stranded between railroad tracks is the focus of the story. And with one simple zoom away from the hero flower, the end message is revealed with one down-to-earth, memorable promise… *We’ve got your back.

So whether it’s business or personal, CrackerJackFlash would appreciate the opportunity to bring your story to life through one of its in-house services such as strategic concepting, design and art direction, copywriting, photography and/or video. So if you’ve liked what you’ve seen on this site so far, perhaps today is a great time to start a conversation with CJ*F!

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