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As part of National Organ and Tissues Awareness Week , CJ*F along with the help of BC Transplant and the David Foster Foundation found 5 groups of very brave stories to turn into a simple awareness campaign for the cause.

This is just one of their true stories:

Beth (left) writes, “Transplant is a marathon, not a sprint. It took my husband Tony (right) 5 years to get a doctor to refer him for his double lung transplant. We waited 6 months for the first appointment and it took another 6 months to go through pre-transplant assessment. At 3 months, our time on the waiting list was short. We are now 2 years out and just now regaining our physical, emotional and financial footing. And my husband is here to rebuild.

Transplants cannot happen without an army of heroes at every step: family, friends and countless healthcare staff. It’s a journey that does not begin without the Donor and Families who say ‘yes’.”

*It takes less than a minute to become a hero. Register today:


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