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To say that I am proud of my wife for switching her career to help others, is an understatement.

Leaving your career at the top of your game can be a very scary and jarring move. Especially when you do it immediately after uprooting and relocating to another province and city with no job or safety-net in place whatsoever. But that’s exactly what Eva did to see where she might land next in her career.

Together with a natural ability to connect and relate with people of all walks of life, and a gentle nudge from her own life coach, Eva decided to dive right into a grueling but rewarding graduate course in Executive Coaching at Royal Roads University. One of the top institutions in North America to become an accredited coach.

So what do you do when you’re super proud of a talented spouse with a brand new career? Well when you’re a designer, photographer and a videographer, you help them come up with a company name, design a logo/business card/website, photograph all the visual content for their site, and yes, even create and shoot a colourful VIDEO PROMO.

Want to ignite bravery, purpose and transformation into your life? It’s time to live with FERVOR.

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