Form Follows Function

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On a business trip back to Calgary, I had to make time to see a few new buildings that have recently graced Calgary’s ever growing skyline with my own eyes, (and camera). One of those recent builds was Calgary’s New Central Library.

From the outside, I marveled at the unique shape and dramatic angle at the end of a building resembled the bow of a boat, combined with random textures that covered the windows all around the building’s exterior.

But for me, the real magic began once I set foot within the building.

As I entered the main lobby, I was taken aback. My jaw dropped, eyes widened, and my head titled up towards the lobby’s cathedral glass ceiling that funneled a tonne of natural light to the levels below. Then, on both sides of the building, my eye followed the natural panels of wood that shaped the stairwells all the way back down to ground level.

Aesthetics aside, what really blew my mind about the library was how it catered to the public’s diverse needs. From the multi-media meeting rooms that anyone could use for free, down to the smallest of details that helped the homeless feel welcomed. That said, I applaud architectural firms Snøhetta and DIALOG for their unique collaboration on this magical building.

Want to see a couple more photos? Here ya go!

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