YYJ’s 2 Millionth Passenger

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With tourism being Vancouver Island’s 2nd biggest industry (following the tech industry), we do see a lot of people coming through the gates of the Victoria International airport each year. That said, 2018 was the first time that this boutique airport welcomed its 2 millionth passenger…in a single year…and CrackerJackFlash was honored to capture this otherwise fleeting moment.

With very little notice, CJ*F managed to dig deep into its advertising roots to develop a custom story and tagline for this exciting event. And with only a few planned shots for the following day, we think the rest came together rather nicely for mostly being developed, shot and edited on the fly. (Sorry, it’s hard to resist aviation puns 😉 Luckily, I had wing man, Joel by my side who helped ensure that I didn’t miss a thing, trip over anything, and was instrumental in keeping most of the rain off my lens that day!

If you would like to see what was captured, and you have about a minute to spare, please check out the story here.