Lilly the Nurse/Supermodel

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I had the opportunity to photography Lilly in a multi-layered shoot the other week. Lilly is a nurse by day, and apparently by all the fancy poses she struck for the camera, a well seasoned supermodel by night. You see, I had only planned for a quick 30 min shoot, but Lilly and her fiancé had just returned from a trip from Africa, so she came prepared with a few traditional and very colourful outfits to strut her stuff in. With that, we went over by about 2 hours!

My favourite part of the shoot was capturing Lilly throwing her beautiful dreadlocks up in the air so I could capture it all in mid flight, which resulted in quite a few versions of that scenario alone. At the end of the shoot, I had captured over 250 shots of Lilly in various outfits, poses, backdrops and lighting, so this little shoot turned out to be one of my biggest and funnest portrait shoots to date.

If you want to see a few more shots of Lilly, please check her out on ONE of my TWO posts on my instagram page.

Want to surprise your other half with a custom shoot like Lilly’s? Give Jack a shout for your free quote today.

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