A Tribe Called Red – Video Project

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With JackFlash jumping head first into the realm of videography last year, here’s another recent project that’s worth sharing. In between shooting stills for Rifflandia 2017, (the same 4 day concert where I managed to get some stage time with Moby) I decided to try out my new gimbal system on A Tribe Called Red.

To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when I entered the media pit before the show, but from the moment the indigenous dancers hit the stage, backed by the incredible 3 man DJ crew, I understood why the group was making such an impact on the global electronic scene. The energy carried from the stage and onto the audience like a rock skipping across water. It was as if the audience was instantly hypnotized, bobbing their heads and bodies in a trance-like state as the music made its way into the depths of their souls. In fact, there was so much energy coming from all directions, it was rather difficult to decide where to focus my lens on.

But after just a few moments of simply embracing the moment, I was able to find my groove. And when I did, my camera system followed suit as it danced in the air with grace, from the stage to the audience, and back to the stage again for the remainder of the first act. And before I knew it, the media pit was cleared after the first three performances in order to allow the audience to enjoy the rest of the show without obstruction.

As this was my first go at shooting any video outside of my studio, let alone in a concert-like environment, and with no preconceived direction in mind, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with the footage until I got to the editing the following week. But just like I was able to let the energy flow through me at the show, I quickly found my groove and was able to edit something together that not only I was proud of, but also something that got the thumbs of approval from the group themselves.

As seen on A Band Called Red’s instagram page, with a shout out to guess who?! With over 1400 likes and 5700 views to date, I must say, that’s not too shabby of a start!

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