2018 Video Trends

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With a feature in National Geographic’s “Your Shot”, plus a featured shot in WestJet Magazine, not to mention locking in a feature for the 2018 Greenpeace calendar (December), I would say that 2017 went off with a bang. As for 2018, CrackerJackFlash plans to grow the videography side of the business with hopefully more exciting successes down the road.

With that, one of CrackerJackFlash’s missions this year is to stay on top of what’s trending out there in terms of video so that it can provide its clients with innovative storytelling within the medium. And because I come with extensive experience in the marketing world with award-winning concepts that get results, I thought that the focus of this blog post should be geared towards the video marketing world. Especially with the fact that mobile video advertising is expected to  almost double in 2018, with numbers hitting $15 billion.

So if you’re in charge of planning out your marketing engagement strategy for the year, you should keep one or more of the following trends in mind to help keep your audience as engaged as possible this year.

The importance of stories will only get bigger.  In 2013, Snapchat introduced the concept of temporary “stories” which was an instant hit geared towards its younger audiences. So much so that Instagram, then Facebook and WhatsApp later adopted the same feature. However, because of the ease in which anyone could upload a series of stories to their profile, this space quickly became cluttered. That’s why brands and small businesses need to focus their efforts on stories that stand out and instantly connect with users if they want their audience to stick around for the duration of their story.

Live streaming will be more in demand than prerecorded videos.  With users spending three times the amount of time on live streaming versus pre-recorded video, its clear that live streaming will encourage more engagement from its audience. The reason behind this fact is that users enjoy interacting with celebrities, brands, or friends in real-time. With that in mind, social media platforms will continue to improve the quality of their video streaming, with more interactive features down the road.
Explainer videos will continue to grow. If you’ve ever watched a video that demonstrates a fast and easy-to-understand run down on how to tackle a problem, make or do something, you’ve already encountered an explainer video. The brevity behind these sorts of videos is what makes them so sharable and the reason why they are such a hit on social media platforms, and the reason why you’ll see more an more of them in 2018. So it’s time to roll up your sleeves and make sure the content of your video is hitting the nail on its head.
The bottom line trend in video marketing for 2018 is, “engagement”. And if you and your marketing team can influence a like, share, and/or follow, your chances of converting a sale will definitely grow exponentially. And the vision and experience of CrackerJackFlash will help get you there faster, with more impressive results.
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