Portrait of Brianna Wettlaufer

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If you’ve ever scoured the interweb for a decent stock photo, you might’ve come to the conclusion that finding a decent shot to meet your creative needs might sometimes be an impossible task. And in a world where marketing budgets continue to shrink, that’s a real problem when your project needs that generic photo to speak to an audience authentically, and memorably.

Being an art director/designer myself for over 20 years, I got real good at scrolling past thousands of cheesy smiles, or awkward scenarios…etc. to eventually find what I needed. But I was truly never entirely satisfied with my choice, and each and every time I was tasked with the unrewarding job, I scratched my head and wondered why it had to be this way?

Then, Brianna Wettlaufer came into the picture. Brianna has been the CEO and Co-Founder of Stocksy since 2012, a beautifully curated collection of royalty-free stock photography and video footage that people could actually use. And with a former life as Co-Founder of iStock (the first democratized microstock photography platform, later bought out by Getty Images in 2006), Brianna was set to take stock photography and video to the next level…click on this link to see what I mean.

Brianna is also a VIATEC Board Member, Governance Committee Chair for which this portrait was taken. The theme of the shoot was pride and confidence, where I asked each person that sat in front of my camera to think of their proudest accomplishments to date so I could capture that look, authentically. And given the look on Brianna’s face that day, you know she continues to be a woman on a mission…and thank goodness for that.

See Brianna’s full portrait here.

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