You’ve Got Mail!

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Meet Dawn. She is a rather special postal worker for Canada Post, who not only delivered mail to Victoria’s downtown core, but as you can see, also delivered plenty of smiles along the way. You see, each and every day, we would be entertained by Dawn’s vitality for life, who often brightened our days with eventful stories, not to mention all the fun accessories that she would add to her postal uniform…such as her candy cane patterned socks, and maple leaf scarf we see in this studio portrait. Although I hadn’t been on Dawn’s route for too long before Canada Post made some changes to her route, but I heard this red and white getup was one of her tamer outfits, as she really liked to push the envelope (pardon the pun) when it came to dressing up and in turn lighting up peoples faces around the city. One of her best outfits I hear was Cruella de Vil of Disney’s “101 Dalmatians”. But sadly it all came to an end not long ago, which meant receiving mail was no longer an event to look forward too. (The next postal worker just delivered the mail…can you imagine 😉 Lucky for me, Dawn had agreed to spending some time in my studio to help capture the entertaining personality that the office grew to appreciate over the years. With that, I wish Dawn all the best on her new route/journey, and I’m happy that more people around Victoria get to share in her positive energy, through the simple act of delivering the mail, with a story and a smile of course.

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