Experience Tectoria

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Experience Tectoria  is an exclusive series of events spread across three days and is a gathering of local entrepreneurs, thought shapers and international investors to cultivate Victoria, BC’s biggest industry, technology. Bigger than tourism you ask? Well with $3.15 Billion in Annual Revenue, a $4 Billion Economic Impact and over 23,000 employees across 900 high-tech companies, that would be a definite yes. And after photographing last year’s Viatec Awards, I’ve come to the conclusion that the tech industry really knows how to have a good time. The three days were spread across the downtown core of Victoria which gave the heads of tech start-ups an opportunity to speak to the innovations of their product and/or company, which in turn generated feedback from more the experienced tech companies who would help point the tech hopeful towards success. There were also a few investors lurking quietly in the crowd who kept a close watch for the next big thing. One of my favourite parts of the three day event was the Fuckup Night at Yuk-Yuk’s, where three entrepreneurs candidly shared their learnings with the audience after some of their worst business “fuck-ups”, which made for some pretty entertaining stories for all…after the fact. Some of the venues needed water transportation, and even included an aerobatic tour which gave the high-flying community a bird’s eye view of what its like to soar to the top. In this shot of us departing the seaplane, we have a very delighted investor showing us what he thought of the last leg of the tour. And as the old saying goes, “A picture tells a thousand words”.

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