The nice thing about being a photographer coming from the advertising industry is that I’ve learned to tell a relevant  story. Whether it’s been through television commercials or through social media campaigns, I’ve learned that the core idea behind a story should be unique and simple, which in turn makes for a more memorable story. So when clients come to me looking for a concept behind their photoshoots, I can use my 20+ years of advertising experience to help bring some visual magic to the studio. Case in point, when I was approached by Carolyne to come up with something that would capture her look in in a unique manner, I was able to devise a scenario in the first few minutes of meeting with her. Especially after learning that her birth sign was Gemini! And by introducing a subtle Gemini theme behind the shoot, I now had the perfect scenario and reasoning to highlight both sides of Carolyne’s unique hairstyle and tattooed arms. The only problem at that point was…we only had one Carolyne! That’s where some composite photography came into play. After all, most of my visual ideas that I’ve come up with for my clients in ad land were composite visuals, so I thought, “why stop now?”. So with a lot of careful planning, some on and off camera markings, and a very cooperative model, I was able to capture the two sides of Carolyne as if they were both shot in camera. And yes, looking back at this shot, I see areas where I could’ve improved upon technically, but overall, I’m still quite happy where this final image landed. That said, if you’d like to try something new for your next studio portrait, we should talk!

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