Now Offering In-Studio Pet Photography

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It doesn’t matter if we wake up a disheveled, grumpy mess with horrible breath every morning…or, that we like to slip into our favorite tiger-print onesie and belt out the lyrics to “I need a hero” after a hard day’s work….or, any other antic you might practice at home regularly which might otherwise have you banished from society for life. No, none of that funny business seems to really matter much to our four legged friends who seem to have mastered the fine art of unconditional love and acceptance over the centuries. And with the many lessons they teach us each day, it’s no wonder that we want to hang onto our beloved fur kids and their irreplaceable moments for as long as we can. That’s why Jack Adamson of JackFlash Photography has devoted a few months to developing some solid studio lighting techniques that will have your pet looking like a professional super model, (or a cat on a catwalk, if you will ;). The trick was to find a way to have the lighting hit its mark with every shot, regardless if your pet becomes unpredictable and moves off its mark–and they will­–especially when they know that they’re having their photograph taken. Am I right people?! So with studio lighting now in check, and Jack’s acrobatic ability to get down low an crawl around with the best of them, there will be far more awesome memories to choose from once your contact sheet has been delivered. That all being said, along with very competitive rates, there hasn’t been a better time to immortalize your best friend! Talk to JackFlash today.

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