Cantos at StudioBell

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I had a terrific visit in Calgary last week catching up with clients, some close friends and a special venue I had to return to to see the finished product. Yes, the StudioBell National Music Centre–or Cantos as I like to still like to call it–had finally completed shortly after we had moved to Victoria. When I first visited Cantos, a museum that celebrates the grand variety of pianos and organs as well as Canadian musical artists, was formally based on 11th Ave, where all the pianos were jam-packed together as if someone had been hoarding pianos from around the country for decades. But after one large anonymous donation a few years ago, the ball finally got rolling towards building a unique sanctuary that properly housed and displayed these wonderful works of art. Speaking of works of art, the new building itself is truly a work of art, with curved walls that effortlessly bend sound and light throughout the entire building. One installation, on the top floor of the building showcases some piano remnants that were destroyed in the flood that hit Calgary hard a few years prior. These remnants are hung on the ceiling and chime subtlely with the passing of the wind from the building’s roof top, making it a great place to just chill-out and embrace the moment. Which is exactly what my friend Jen was doing when I captured her in this photo….reflecting on the past, while enjoying the wonderful surroundings of this truly authentic and creatively inspired building. With that, if you’re ever visiting Calgary, I highly recommend that you dedicate at least a couple of hours to this very special musical venue.

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