Kent of Inglewood

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There was a time not long ago when people took the time to do things right, the old fashioned way. And today, many of us are making strides to take the time and slow down long enough to embrace the tradition and craft of yesterday and incorporating it back into their lives. Like, for example, taking the time to lather up for a good ol’ straight edge shave. And if the the Kent of Inglewood in Calgary wasn’t hip enough already with their awesome assortment of manly axes on the wall,  shiny flasks and other traditional grooming gear, the shop just got that much hipper with their new barbershop space built by the hardworking and talented crew of Ryan Murphy Construction–an award winning construction company founded by two ambitious women, Karen Ryan and Lara Murphy. And to celebrate the new build, the team decided to capture the moment with a fun group portrait surrounding the shop’s store manager Nathan, whom I shot not long ago against Kent of Inglewood’s famous wall of axes. So if you happen to live in Calgary Alberta, go check out the shop and see what tickles your fancy. After all, “Every man should have an excellent axe, a stiff cocktail, and a perfect shave.”

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