Horror Escape

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I have to say, I had an absolute blast shooting some on location shots for my new client, Dereck Lowell, owner of Horror Escape here in Victoria BC. Horror Escape is basically what it sounds like, and immersive set of escape rooms that are unique, interactive, thrilling and of course challenging. And if you take a close look at the attention to the detail found in the sets and costumes (with custom-made masks that run about 2k each!) you can tell the owner takes extreme pride in all that he touches. In fact, it was Dereck himself who put most of the sets together by hand, from concepts to the finished product, a skill that he’s been honing since childhood. Yup, Dereck has been building sets for a while now, and I would imagine he was one of the “popular kids” on the block with such a wild imagination and endless energy to entertain.

That said, I look forward to working more with Dereck  in the near future, when I get to put my latest skillset to the test with some video case studies from a few of Horror Escape’s satisfied customers. Coming soon!

Until then, if you want to see more shoots from yesterday’s killer shoot, you’ll find more in JackFlash’s “Events+Entertainment” section.