Event Photography

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I’ve found that most professional photographers like to shoot whatever they’re good at, or whatever is most profitable for them. So when people ask me what I enjoy shooting, I often say, “I like to shoot anything that moves, or doesn’t move”. Because it’s true…I seem to really enjoy experimenting with anything and everything, pushing my equipment to capture just the right amount of light in the most challenging of circumstances. And that includes event photography which seems to be the least favourite shooting category amongst the photographers I’ve talked to. Perhaps it’s the fact that you just never know what kind of available lighting you’ll have to work with, and that you have to get really comfortable changing manual camera settings on the fly with each direction you point your lens towards. Also, it can be a real challenge to know what to focus your lens on with so much activity going on all around you at the same time. For me, I quite like the challenge as I seem to have no problem picking out visual opportunities of interest that I know will make a great shot in the end, with as little post production as possible. I just roll up my sleeves, and really get into the moment, which in turn helps me anticipate moments before they even happen. And once you find your groove, that’s when the real magic begins. As seen in this photo from a VIATEC Award event (Victoria’s tech hub) where at the end of the night, they dropped giant sized inflatable orcas from the rafters and onto the crowd below. This photo in particular is probably one of my favourite shots of the night because it not only captured the energy of the event, but also captured otherwise professional adults letting their guard down long enough for me to capture a few split seconds of child-like innocence, permanently. So if you like what you see in the “Events” section, I happen to know a photographer that would like the opportunity to capture that next event for you 😉

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