The Banker

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They say money talks. But for me, it’s my photography that does most of the talking, (a thousand words to be more precise)  And on this occasion, I thought I’d try out a new lighting technique on a financial advisor I recently met, who also came from the banking world as my subject. Daniel was awesome to work with who managed to strike up various, non typical studio poses for me as I got really up close and personal with him to be able to capture the slightly distorted look from his hands, to his head with a wide angle lens. I really enjoy how this turned out because the large hands gives the audience a sense of Dan’s  power, all combined with the very confident look on his face. Makes you kind of feel that you’re in good hands with this financial advisor. Which leads me to the lighting technique that was inspired by my latest and greatest photography idle, Platon. I learned of Platon on a Netfilx documentary series, “Abstract” that focuses on techniques adapted by some of the worlds finest artists of various disciplines. Besides the lighting technique, I also learned the importance of really getting to know your subject before the shoot and during to be able to capture the subjects authentic selves, because that’s when you can capture their authentic souls. Another thing I learned from Platon was not to go into a shoot with the main goal of coming out with a great shot. Instead, a photographer should put more emphasis and excitement of really getting to know a new person. And with the likes of Obama, to George Clooney, to some of the best advertising photography I’ve seen to date, you know this guy means business. With that, I had that in mind before picking up the camera and setting up the lights, I was on a mission to get to know, and capture the real Daniel in an authentic and memorable way.

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